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About Us

The Citizen by Klutch

Akron-born Klutch Cannabis is proud to bring consumers The Citizen by Klutch dispensaries. The Citizen offers Ohio’s leading brands, courteous staff, and an innovative retail model to help you confidently shop. We stock a full lineup of premium Klutch Cannabis, with special pricing found exclusively at our stores.

 Come feel the difference and become a Citizen today! 

Mission & Vision

The Citizen by Klutch is committed to upholding the exceptional standards established by Klutch Cannabis. Our mission is creating a memorable dispensary experience with unmatched customer service, forward-thinking technology, and quality products.

Our vision represents more.

The Citizen pays homage to those who struggle through stigmatization for cannabis use, to those who lead in the pursuit to expand cannabis freedoms, and to those whose sacrifices now form the foundation of legal cannabis markets.

Together, our work is the removal of distinctions placed upon cannabis users in the community…leaving only community.

 We look forward to serving all fellow Citizens! 

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