image of Early Lemon Berry


Early Lemon Berry

by Riviera Creek

Hybrid description

THC Description

From the Lemon Berry family

Total THC range: 23%-33% Total CBD: 0.35%-0.65% Total Terpenes: 1.9%-3.5%

Lemon Skunk and Member Berry, two hybrid blends combine to form a perfectly balanced hybrid from the Lemon Berry family. Fresh citrus scent will fill the room, with a fantastic flavor profile consisting of notes of sweet lemon, berries, orange, and grapefruit. Volney keeps the patient energized. Its balance of indica and sativa provide a calming yet inspiring experience.

Limonene: 0.55-1.55% Ocimene: 0.35%-0.75% Myrcene: 0.15-0.2%

Pinene: 0.11%-0.24%


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