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Focus Strawberry Mist Mouth Spray

by Yellow Labs

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THC Description

FCS Focus THC Mist Unlock your creative potential and enhance productivity with our natural botanical ensemble effects infused with delivri™ technology, providing you with a cognitive edge and a flow state of mind that fuels innovation and inspiration.

Yellow Labs mists and creams, powered by delivri™ technology, revolutionize the absorption of THC oil by enabling unprecedented transdermal and sublingual delivery. With this innovative approach, the THC oil infused in our products exhibits enhanced bioavailability, allowing for rapid absorption through the skin and mouth, resulting in fast-acting effects. Moreover, the marvel of delivri™ technology lies in its ability to create remarkable ensemble effects with just minimal amounts of natural botanical extracts, amplifying the therapeutic benefits and elevating the overall experience for consumers. By leveraging the power of science and nature.


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