image of Lemon Slushee


Lemon Slushee

by Klutch

Sativa description

(Grape Pie x Lemon G)

Bred by Canarado, Selected by @tahoe_nugz. The moment you walk into a room where its growing, Lemon Slushee grabs your attention. A cross of Grape Pie and Ohio’s own Lemon G, Lemon Slushee immediately conquers your senses with an aroma of sweet lemons, pink lemonade, and grape pie in an exotic homage to Ohio’s cannabis past and future. This one captured the imagination of our cultivation team from the moment it began flowering in the garden. The extracted version brings out some unique flavor expressions, with an extremely pungent smell of grape pie that is guaranteed to get your taste buds going!

Indica/Sativa Ratio: Sativa (70/30)

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