image of Lost River


Lost River

by Riviera Creek

Indica description

THC Description

From the Donny Burger Family

Total THC range: 30%-34% Total CBD: 0.13%-0.8% Total Terpenes: 0.2%-3%

This Indica-dominant mix of GMO cookies and Hon Solo Burger is best used for minor and major pain relief. the potent, dark purple-hued buds deliver strong tastes of earthiness and pine, cheese, pepper, and a bit of citrus. Lost River is a great remedy for patients feeling mild discomfort and uncomfortable pain areas. without feeling overly drowsy, patients will experience an overall calming sensation.

Limonene: 0.4%-1% Myrcene: 0.5%-2.1%

Caryophyllene: 0.35%-1.5% Humulene: 0.15%-0.8%


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