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Tropicanna Banana Live Rosin

by Firelands Scientific

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Tropicanna Cookies X Banana OG

Firelands Scientific’s Live Rosin is consciously crafted in small batches using zero chemicals or solvents to produce a cleaner, high-quality solventless concentrate. Truly “Full Spectrum” Live Rosin contains the full terpene and cannabinoid profile unique to the cultivar used, accurately representing the profile of the strain. Upon harvest, “Live” plants are immediately frozen fresh to preserve the phytochemical properties, then washed in ice water to separate the trichome heads from plant material. The resulting Ice Water Bubble Hash is dehydrated and mechanically pressed to extract the oil from within trichome heads. 100% solventless cannabis-derived cannabinoids and terpenes, all grown in our Ohio greenhouse; NO cutting agents like CBD isolate or distillate are used to comply with Ohio’s potency restrictions. Packaging weight may vary per batch to provide patients maximum permitted potency.


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