image of Unwind 2:1 Blueberry Gummies w/ CBD


Unwind 2:1 Blueberry Gummies w/ CBD

by Wonder

Indica description

THC Description

CBD Description

10mg CBD + 5mg THC per gummy

20 gummies per package

200mg CBD + 100mg THC per package

A gummy with just enough calm. Each unwind gummy has 5mg of indica THC and 10mg of CBD, the key to finding serenity. CBD has shown potential healing properties and may help reduce anxiety and increase relaxation. Enhanced with lemon balm, which is shown to reduce stress and anxiety while providing an overall sense of increased calmness. A deep, calming, and sensational blueberry flavor that’s vegan-certified, gluten-free and has no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors. ?


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