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The Best Dispensaries in Ohio

While Ohio may only offer medical cannabis to patients as of 2023, the state has grown to be home to some of the best dispensaries anywhere. Whether you are in the northern region of the state near Cleveland, down south in Cincinnati, or elsewhere on the map, an excellent dispensary is never far away. How do you find the best dispensaries in Ohio in each region? Take a look below at the best dispensaries Ohio has to offer.

Best Dispensary in Ohio (Cleveland Region)

The Citizen by Klutch in Lorain, OH

The Citizen by Klutch in Lorain offers a state-of-the-art cannabis shopping experience. The Citizen is actually named for all those citizens that have faced stigmatization over the years for cannabis use and then fought the way to give people in need access. This dispensary location is highly regarded for warm customer service, the best cannabis in the area, and reasonable prices.

Massive Collection of Premium Cannabis

The Citizen provides one of the most expansive collections of premium cannabis and cannabis-derived products in the state. The dispensary’s menu is filled with a full collection of superior products from the best brands in the state, including their very own Klutch-branded products. The menu offers:

Drive-Thru Pickup for Online Orders

If you have already registered as a patient, you can order your medicine ahead for quick pickup by placing your order online. Our Lorain location even has a convenient drive-thru option, so you don’t even have to leave your vehicle. Simply place your order and we will have it ready to go when you arrive.

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Best Dispensaries in Ohio (Central Columbus Region)

Harvest of Ohio in Columbus, OH

Harvest of Ohio has multiple medical dispensaries throughout the state, including in Columbus. With a mission to connect, enlighten, and empower cannabis patients, this dispensary has made a name for itself by providing some of the best medicine in the state. Harvest of Ohio takes the time to help patients get familiar with cannabis and then show them the way to the products that will serve them best.

Best Dispensary in OH (Southern Region)

Backroad Wellness in New Boston, OH

Backroad Wellness in New Boston is a locally owned and operated dispensary that stays committed to serving Ohio patients. Backroad provides only lab-tested, high-quality cannabis products from reputable brands and always lends its support to worthy local businesses in the industry. Often referred to as one of the friendliest cannabis dispensaries in the area. Backroads Wellness has created a safe shopping place for cannabis where every patient feels welcomed and walks away with quality medicine.

Best Dispensaries in Ohio (Cincinnati Region)

Verilife in Cincinnati, OH

Verilife is a well-recognized name in medical cannabis dispensaries in Ohio, as well as several other states. Not only does the dispensary have one of the largest dispensaries in the Cincinnati area, they also have two other locations in Hillsboro and Wapakoneta. Verilife strives to provide the best cannabis selection at the best prices possible, even offering to match prices if you find a certain product elsewhere at a better price.

Best Dispensaries in Ohio (Canton Region)

The Citizen by Klutch in Canton, OH

The Citizen by Klutch in Canton is one of the area’s newest dispensaries and is conveniently located in the central part of the city. The Citizen’s second location maintains the same level of dedication to connecting cannabis patients to high-quality flower in the most desirable strains in the state, top-brand vaporizers, extracts, and even all the accessories you could need to use your cannabis properly. While the Canton location does not offer a drive-thru, they still offer online ordering for patient convenience.

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Best Dispensary in Ohio (Dayton Region)

Ethos (About Wellness) in Lebanon, OH

Ethos medical dispensary, which is also known by its formal name About Wellness, takes care of its patients with top-notch cannabis products and superior customer service. The dispensary prides itself on arming patients with insight into cannabis so they have the information they need to have the most empowered experience. Ethos also collaborates with Thomas Jefferson University to stay on the cutting edge of cannabis research.

We Hope to See You at The Citizen by Klutch

Are you looking for the best dispensaries in the Cleveland or Canton region? We hope you will stop by and see us at The Citizen by Klutch. Whether you are a brand-new medical cannabis patient or otherwise, we make sure you have a good experience.

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