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The Best Of MJBizCon: Brands That Are Changing The Game

Rachel Abela | HERB MAGAZINE — The U.S. cannabis space is vast. At the heart of it lies MJBizCon. It’s more than your typical conference; it’s an ever-evolving hub for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to cross paths and celebrate our community’s progress.

MJBizCon 2023 took place December 3 – 6 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre with over 1400 exhibitors and 100+ speakers, all there to network and learn more about the expansive industry, from new tech trends to regulatory environments. That aside, it also features the newest products and services from the most innovative minds in cannabis.

Herb was lucky enough to attend the event and meet with several brands planning to take 2024 by the horns. These companies are proud to help shape the cannabis industry and push it toward a more welcoming, innovative, and accepted space. Read on to learn more about the best brands at MJBizCon 2023.

Klutch Cannabis

While the team at Klutch is eagerly awaiting recreational legalization in Ohio, there’s a greater mission at stake: to provide medical patients with the medicine they need most. At MJBizCon 2023, we had the pleasure of speaking with the Klutch team about their operations and future vision.

“We always pride ourselves on keeping the product consistent,” explains the brand, “We always want to keep the highest grade options for our patients.” Everything from Klutch’s marketing to their actual product offers a sense of familiarity, meaning consumers and patients know exactly what to expect with every purchase.

If you’ve purchased from Klutch before, you’d know that the brand’s price points tend to be higher than the competition’s. Know this: Klutch doesn’t set the price points; “It’s just all of the regulations and testing and all that kind of stuff behind it that makes those price points higher,” they explain.

When it comes to a patient’s medicine, Klutch knows quality is the deal breaker. And with all the testing and processes that go on behind the scenes, trust that you’ll get just that. The team also expressed that MJBizCon is an excellent opportunity to form relationships and understand other brands to potentially launch collaborations in the near future.

But, until recreational legalization unfolds, Klutch says, “We have medical patients that need us right now. And at the end of the day, how do we get our information to people who physically need us in a medical sense?”

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