What to Expect When Visiting an Ohio Dispensary?

Going to a dispensary is like entering a specialized store for cannabis. Dispensaries share similarities with pharmacies but operate in distinct ways. Pharmacies carry a broad spectrum of health treatments and medications. Dispensaries focus on cannabis-related products, catering to individuals seeking medical or recreational marijuana. Inside a dispensary you’ll find a variety of cannabis flower, vapes, edibles and more. 

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In Ohio, dispensaries are only permitted to sell cannabis products to registered medical marijuana patients, but that should change in 2024. Last November, Ohioans comfortably voted in favor of the Issue 2 ballot initiative, becoming the 24th state in the U.S to legalize adult-use marijuana. As lawmakers determine when and how adult-use sales are to be conducted, medical sales carry on at over 115 dispensaries around Ohio. While certain aspects of medical vs. adult-use sales are likely to differ, much of the consumer experience at the dispensary remains the same. 

What’s it like Inside an Ohio Dispensary?

Upon entering, customers head to a reception area where they show identification and any necessary documentation. The check-in process varies between recreational and medical customers depending on State regulations. Waiting rooms allow shoppers to browse menus and learn about products as they wait their turn if it is busy. Larger dispensaries may have a consultation area where staff can advise on different products and consumption methods. Dispensaries adhere to strict security measures to ensure the safety of customers. This could include surveillance cameras, alarm systems and security personnel. 

On the retail floor, there are typically products on display or packaging of various cannabis brands. Depending on the dispensary, staff stand behind checkout counters with TV’s or printed menus presenting available products, prices, and information about THC and CBD content. Feel free to ask questions—they’re there to help. Other shops have menus on kiosks where you can conveniently browse all options as roaming staff provide guidance. In either setup, after you decide what you want, your order is prepared prior to checking out. Products are usually securely packaged, and each item has detailed labeling with relevant information. This is important for regulatory compliance and consumer education. At checkout, be prepared to pay with cash since many dispensaries don’t take cards, but an on-site ATM is common. After making a purchase, customers often exit through a designated door. It is important to note that the specific layout and features of a dispensary can vary based on local laws and overall design of the establishment.

As more dispensaries open around Ohio, operators must be dynamic and focus on enhancing customer experiences online and in-store. If you are seeking a dispensary that is setting the standard for the future of cannabis retail, look no further than The Citizen by Klutch Lorain and The Citizen by Klutch Canton.

The Citizen by Klutch is Ohio’s Premier Dispensary Experience

Walk into The Citizen and you immediately sense how the store does not feel like a typical dispensary. That’s very much on purpose. The Citizen by Klutch was created with the goal of presenting a sophisticated, dignified, cannabis shopping experience. It’s a pioneering concept for Ohio, where most dispensaries provide patients with a restrained vibe—like congested shopping areas, a mechanical ordering process and little access to product information.

The Citizen is lined in mahogany wood to give it a cigar lounge feel. Granite countertops and bourbon brown leather seating complement the rich tones. Exposed brick lines select walls in the space, creating a comfortable interior. All with the intention of bringing a suave style into a 21st-century dispensary to create a warm and social environment.

Recently named by Global Cannabis Times as one of the “World’s Coolest Dispensaries”, The Citizen takes pride in staying ahead of the curve and elevating the customer journey through innovation. Those choosing to serve themselves, although budtender help is always available, can make informed buying decisions by using the RFID-tagged packaging on interactive kiosks. Customers may review detailed product information and interact with specific items placed on the kiosk casework as shopping carts are built out digitally. That’s not all. The Citizen also has a fully customized online menu to simplify browsing and provides advanced tools inside the store to aid purchasing decisions based on product data. Above all, the store setup allows knowledgeable staff to freely roam the floor and attentively interact with shoppers. The Citizen is also one of few cannabis retailers which currently accepts digital and cashless forms of payment. Regardless of which dispensary you choose, remember, it’s supposed to be a laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy your time and don’t hesitate to ask for guidance!

Why wait for adult-use sales to visit The Citizen or your local dispensary? Learn more about becoming an Ohio medical marijuana patient. Already an active Ohio medical marijuana patient? Visit our dispensaries in Lorain or Canton.

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