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What’s the Difference? CO2 vs. Distillate vs. Live Resin

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“What’s the difference between CO2, Distillate, and Live Resin?” It’s one of the most common questions we get asked at the dispensary, so here is a simple guide:


CO2 is one of the most popular extraction methods; using pressure to concentrate the naturally occurring gas (CO2) into a liquid form, which is then used to “wash” the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis flower. Afterward, the CO2 evaporates, leaving a solvent-free product. CO2 vapes are a great choice for those patients who prefer the full flavor and cannabinoid profiles of the original cannabis flower, because it is not as refined as other concentrates.


Distillate is known for as the pure form of THC, typically yielding a more concentrated product. Cartridges and pods are then infused with terpenes.  Other cannabinoids can be added to distillate such as CBD, CBG, and CBN. Distillate cartridges and pods are a good choice for those who simply want the benefits of THC and CBD without the flavorful auxiliary compounds.

Live Resin

Live Resin vapes are a connoisseur favorite. Starting material and the method of extraction is what makes this product so exotic. Fresh frozen material allows the capture of highly volatile properties of the plant that normally derogate through the process of drying and curing flower. This process of extraction offers the truest representation of the live cultivar, preserving all terpenes and flavor profiles. As a result, you may experience superior medicinal benefits through the higher terpene content of this unique cannabis product.

As always, the friendly and knowledgable staff at Klutch is always available to assist with any questions!

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