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Zelato is a pure hybrid strain of cannabis that gives you a pretty intense high that will last for a long time. As a 50/50 mix, Zelato both wakes up your brain and makes you feel relaxed, so it offers the best of both worlds.

Zelato Strain

Is Zelato Indica or Sativa?

Zelato is a pure hybrid, meaning it has an equal amount of Indica and Sativa (50 percent of each). So, it exhibits characteristics of both types of cannabis when smoking or ingesting it.

More Zelato Strain Characteristics

Before putting anything into your body, it’s good to know as much about it as possible. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from this weed strain.


The parents of Zelato are Zkittlez (aka the Original Z) and Gelato. So, the name is really a portmanteau of both buds.


Typically, Zelato buds are spade-shaped, with dark green undertones and purple highlights. They may also have a light dusting of purple-white trichomes.


The scent of Zelato is a mixture of pine, wood, and sweet berries, giving it an all-natural and outdoorsy aroma.


Fortunately, the sweet berry smell of Zelato illustrates how the bud tastes, so it’s very delightful on the tongue when smoking or ingesting.


The terpenes present in Zelato include:


Effects: how will Zelato make me feel?

Many users report that Zelato gives them an intense high, thanks in part to the moderately high potency of THC (up to 24 percent). When taking Zelato, you should experience a rush of euphoria that will tickle your brain waves and make it hard to focus on any one specific task. Some other Zelato strain review pieces say that users start feeling giddy and get an intense case of the giggles.

Strains like Zelato

Similar strains to Zelato include Guava Cookies, Mango Kush, and Mango Tango.

Where to Buy Zelato in Ohio

Zelato is a pretty common strain, and given its hybrid nature, many people like taking it. You shouldn’t have a problem finding the Zelato strain in Ohio at any reputable dispensary.

Buy Zelato or Similar Strains From The Citizen by Klutch

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