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Some of The Best Medical Cannabis Strains from Buckeye Relief

Before buying medical cannabis from a certified dispensary, it helps to know a little about the brands and suppliers. Though the effects of strains are subjective, a little research of what you may experience before medicating never hurts.

At The Citizen by Klutch, we’re proud to offer high-quality strains from Buckeye Relief. Experienced Ohio users will recognize the brand, but we wanted to take a moment to appreciate all that this company has to offer.

While Buckeye Relief has many strains available, we’re only going to look at a few. We’ve sourced these strains based on our experiences with them and how well they deliver a superior experience. So, without further ado, let’s check out some Buckeye Relief strains.

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92 Cookies

Here we have another Sativa-dominant strain that delivers an effect that won’t make you come down hard. Some users report that 92 Cookies is good for providing a quick energy boost when they’re feeling fatigued.

Unlike most cannabis strains, this flower has quite the parentage. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Ghost OG, and 92 OG. Although there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, the bud doesn’t look too unique or captivating. The aroma is also relatively mild with hints of coffee and spicy herbs.

Sour Blue Diesel

If you’re interested in Sour cannabis plants but want a couple of different options, Sour Blue Diesel is an excellent second choice after Super Sour Orange. This Sativa-dominant strain offers a long-lasting effect that won’t make you feel too medicated but also won’t feel too lightweight, either.

The parentage of this plant is also pretty complex, as it’s the result of two pre-coupled plants mixed together. On one side, you have Grapefruit and NYC Diesel. On the other side are Cookies and Dream and Ghost OG. The result is a crowd-pleasing bud that works for both newbies and experienced users.

Grapefruit Sour Dream

Rounding out our list is another sour cannabis strain that packs a punch without being overwhelming. You may feel happy and energetic. Grapefruit Sour Dream is the result of mixing Grapefruit Sour Diesel, Cookies and Dream, and Ghost OG BX. Overall, a great addition to your collection.

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