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Edibles offer a convenient alternative to vaping cannabis for medical cannabis patients. Discreet to consume, easy to dose, and enjoyable due to product variety, edibles can make symptom management easy. Can you buy edibles in Ohio? What kind of edibles can you buy? We’ve got a list of the best edibles in Ohio to look for when you visit a dispensary.

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First, Are Edibles legal in Ohio?

Medical cannabis products, including edibles, are legal in Ohio for individuals who have an approved condition and have been granted their medical marijuana card. Ohio legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 2016, even though it took a few years for dispensaries to open.

Are THC gummies legal in Ohio?

You can legally purchase THC gummies in Ohio as long as you are a qualified medical marijuana cardholder. Purchases up to 110mg of THC in edible form count as one day toward your 45-day allocation as a medical marijuana patient.

The 5 Best Edibles in Ohio

1. Camino Gummies by Kiva

Camino Gummies are some of the best edibles in Ohio, but these gummies are actually recognized for quality nationwide. Made by Kiva, these Ohio edibles come in an array of flavors and cannabinoid concentrations, such as 3:1 Sparkling Pear with THC and CBD, Watermelon Lemonade with THC, 1:1 Yuzu Lemon with CBD and THC, and Midnight Blueberry with CBN. The brand even has high-dose options with greater potencies for patients that need more cannabinoids in each dose.

2. Wynk THC Seltzers

Cannabis-infused beverages offer a new way to consume THC, and few weed drinks are as popular among patients as Wynk Seltzers. These beverages are infused with small THC particles, so the cannabinoids start working relatively quickly. Therefore, you can easily determine how much you need instead of having to wait for a long time for effects. Wybk Seltzers are also available in flavors patients love, such as Black Cherry Fizz, Juicy Mango, and Lime Twist.

3. Klutch Hash Rosin Gummies

One of our own in-house products, Hash Rosin Gummies by Klutch are easily some of the most sought-after legal edibles in Ohio. These gummies are created with solventless hash rosin, which means you get all the natural compounds in the plant and no chance of residual solvents. Each gummy contains around 27.5mg of THC, and they are available in delicious flavors like Blue Raspberry, Triple Citrus, and Lemon Burst.

4. Main Street Health RSO Capsules

If you prefer a taste-free way to consume edibles, Nanoemulsified RSO Capsules from Main Street Health is an excellent choice. These capsules come with different THC potencies, which is always an excellent selling point. However, the fact that these Ohio edibles are formulated with nano-emulsified particles means they take effect a bit faster than usual edibles. The improved absorption also means patients receive the full effects of each capsule.

5. Kiva Chocolate Bars

A richer, more dessert-like edible, chocolate bars offer a unique way to get your daily dose of medicine. Kiva Chocolate Bars are available in a range of flavors, including Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Midnight Mint, and Blackberry Dark Chocolate. Each bar contains 10mg of THC, and some have an added dose of CBD for even more therapeutic benefits. The bars can be broken into pieces for smaller doses using the scored marks.

Find the Best THC Edibles Ohio Has to Offer at The Citizen by Klutch

At Citizen by Klutch, we’re proud to serve medical cannabis patients with edibles from the leading brands in the state. Everything on our dispensary menu is carefully vetted for quality, so patients can shop in confidence during every visit. Be sure to take a look at our menu, make your selections, and we can prepare your order ahead for quick pickup when you arrive.

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